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Gaelic Martial Arts by Cullen

Celtic History
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From the Fianna to the Fenians Ireland has a warrior culture that stretches back millennia. From this, a Martial Culture was born were native Martial Arts were practiced from shore to shore. They included Boxing systems, Wrestling styles and vicious Stick Fighting methods that were fought ritualistically and trained from early age. The reputation of ‘The fighting Irish’ was not easily earned. In this book we shall explore the methods of combat that were used in Ireland before the immensity of outside influences changed the traditional ways.
Like the Chinese, Japanese or Thai, the Irish trained and competed in their homemade martial arts with pride and honour, sometimes training for years to master the skills. They fought in dangerous bouts that could on times prove fatal. They fought sometimes to become champions, sometime for honour and sometimes for the honour of their families.
What are these Martial Arts? Let us take a journey into the Gaelic Martial Arts world and here we shall find the answers to all of our questions. Where we will also acknowledge how Ireland not only has indigenous Martial Arts but a rich history to accompany them.


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